Saturday, March 01, 2008

Illustration Friday: Leap

Leapin' Lounge Lizards, Liza! A Lethal Leaper!

Somewhere in a landfill near you are the casualties of home gym's past. Please add this hangover from the '80s, the home trampoline (yes, the crude drawing above), to the pile, which will be in good company with the Thighmaster...

and the BowFlex...

and the tres disturbing Ab Flex...

This cartoon is semi-autobiographical. Thankfully, I only bonked my head on the ceiling, but I was afraid of going through it.

Look before you leap...and before you impale yourself with an Ab Flex.


Blogger Mr. Lady said...

Oh, boy! Those muscled men in the pictures are disturbing. I might have nightmares tonight. Not to be judgmental, but who on earth finds that attractive??

7:07 PM  

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