Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Illustration Friday: Glamour (Lumberjack chic)

When all the elite mags are compelled to come up with the most glamorous woodsman of them all, there is no contest. It is the lumbering lumberjack.

Take Strapping Jack Axworthy (pastelled above). His award-winning beard, for starters, has been baptized in the finest Grecian formula in existence. His jacket, often scoffed at by the near-sighted and the ignorant, is made of the finest silks. It is often cited as the catalyst for bringing back the hoser chic movement.

And the toque...Let us never forget the toque. Stunning in its simplicity, this red and black wonder is pure drama. It protects Jack from the sun and the wind and the chipmunks, all the while accentuanting his perfectly oval head. A 10.


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